Air France lost Airbus A330 on flight AF447

Air France 447 startet in Paris, and never reached its destination Rio De Janeiro. Now fiction becomes fact, the Airbus A330 from Air France crashed over the atlantic. 228 people have lost their lives. Many more are frightened, because all „it can happen everytime, to everone“. German newspapers wrote this only hours after the first message of found wrecks hit old europe. If a lightning caused this fatal desaster, then that would be right. But every week several heavy storms are crossed by not even counted airplanes, and not only them that move passangers. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year nothing happens, why now. Other newspapers title that „someone, somewhere“ speculated, that the machine was hit by „anti aircraft weapons“, but in the middle of nowhere only pirates would travel with somethink like this.

In fact, no one will know, what happend on board of Air France Flight 447 until the blackbox is found. The little shoebox sized light-orange coloured box records what the crew in the cockpit gets in their ears. Maybe that is the problem, what to hear after a lightning hit the cockpit and every instrument is out of order. Maybe the blackbox will be found, but maybe all whats on it is silence.

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